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About Us

What We Are Known For

Environmental Commitment

At JK Creative Wood, we practice a zero-waste mentality. We take pride in the fact that all of our waste products are recycled and re-purposed into fuel. All paper and cardboard products we receive or send are reused or recycled.

Handmade in America

All JK Creative Wood products are handmade in Kalona, Iowa. We are firm believers in handmade in America, and encourage people to support their local Artists.

Signature Design

JK Creative Wood is known for its checkered design. This signature design leaves your eyes graced with angles and symmetry. Each product is individually designed using a variety of solid, kiln-dried wood.

Wood Process

These woods include:  walnut, oak, cherry, maple, mahogany, elm, cedar, padauk (African), and purpleheart (South American). We use a supreme grade of industrial wood glue to ensure a lasting joint.

The Finish

No stains or dyes are used, only the natural colors of the wood. Mineral oil is used on the cutting boards and trivets and is safe to cut on. Conversion varnish is applied to all other pieces to ensure a durable and moisture resistant finish.

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