Earth Day 2017 is the perfect opportunity to share about our environmental commitment. We believe in responsible stewardship. Below are 4 ways we actively practice what we preach.

1: Zero-waste Mentality

Here at JK, we practice a zero-waste mentality. All of our products are are uniquely designed and any end-cuts are utilized for doorstops. Any waste after that, is used to heat our house during the Iowa winters.





2: Recycling Sawdust

Woodworking means a lot of sawdust. A lot. We have a dust collection system that sucks all that sawdust up for us and keeps our air clean. If you visit our gallery and go on a shop tour, you will notice the intricate duct work in the ceiling, connecting each machine of ours to the dust collection system. Where does all that sawdust go? After it funnels through the suctioned duct work, it dumps into an old, steel-wheeled wagon. Our Amish neighbors pick up their wagon full of sawdust with a team of work horses. Then, they use it in their barns for turkey bedding and later on their fields for fertilizer. You see? Sawdust can be recycled!

3: Speaking of Recycling…

All of our shipping and packaging supplies are 100% recycled. Our friends and family regularly donate boxes, bubble wrap and foam. Our entire loft is loaded with recycled, post-consumer bubble wrap. For every order we ship out, we rest easy with the knowledge that it’s all recycled materials. We encourage you to reuse any boxes or wrapping too!

4: Reforestation

Another way we commit to environmental stewardship is by purchasing lumber from kilns who practice responsible and ethical forms of reforestation. In addition, we love planting trees on our own property.

The list could go on from our general mentality to recycle any paper we use to the coffee mugs we serve our customers’ beverages in. If you have any suggestions or tips on how to reduce, reuse and recycle, let us know! Feel free to email us with any feedback, we’d love to hear from you!