Sweet Juniper Jewelry // designs by Alison

We are delighted to feature a new artist and friend in our gallery! I met Alison Kuglin my first year at Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa. She was my R.A., and has been my friend ever since. She designs each unique piece of jewelry by hand. Alison says, “There is definitely something to be said about how powerful simplicity is, because it is also timeless.”

A little note from Sweet Juniper’s designer:

I have lived my whole life in Minnetonka, Minnesota. I am currently in college pursuing a liberal arts degree. In my life there has never been a time where I haven’t been making something; as a child my mom always had a project on the table, and she always encouraged our own crafty endeavors. When I was in high school I started working with wire; the “love” ring was the first thing I ever made, and everything has expanded since then. I started selling my rings in college to make a few extra dollars, and it wasn’t until the fall of 2013 that I began making earrings—which have quickly become a favorite. My future plans for jewelry making are uncertain, but the goal for the coming year is to find an apprentice role or an internship to study and learn more about craftsmanship directly from another artist or business. I am certain that it will be a life-long hobby and passion.

Thanks Alison for featuring your beautiful work in our gallery!

For more info on Alison’s process, materials and prices, email us- jkcreativewood@gmail.com.


                                                                                                       photo 23A few of our favorites are these earrings–inspired by our chevron design.

photo 24