JK Creative Wood is more than a woodworking business.

We are a small family business–not to be mistaken as a “small family”. With seven children, there is nothing “small” about the Brokaw family. 🙂 Joel and Karma Brokaw, owners of JK Creative Wood, are the fifth generation to pass down woodworking making their children the sixth. As their daughter, I am representing the sixth generation and continue to enjoy the fruits of my ancestors’ labor. Not only was woodworking their livelihood, but it was their passion as it is now mine. Our story is mingled with theirs and I enjoy hearing about their unique ways of working with wood.

This is the story of my great-great grandfather, John Valentine Countryman. John Valentine Countryman was born and raised near Van Buren County, Iowa. Growing up, he was taught at a very young age how to work with wood. He became a skilled woodworker and architect. In 1909 he was married to Rhoda Gableman and their wedding portrait is featured to the right. He designed this iconic round barn in Douds, Iowa for Louden Machinery Company. It is still a favorite place for our family to visit and reminisce about the past, reflecting on our ancestors’ work.

What a legacy they have passed down to each generation today and the generations to come.

Stay tuned for more of our story coming each Thursday to the blog. Or, stop by our gallery any time for a complimentary tour of our woodworking shop and the full story!