Checkered Coaster Sets



With our signature zig zag design, these coasters are a beautiful way to protect against leaving unwanted water rings.



Coasters are individually designed by the Brokaw family and constructed with precision and skill. The set includes a sturdy, wooden holder to keep coasters organized. Coated with a conversion-varnish, coasters are water resistant. Industrial-grade glue keeps the structure securely intact. Coaster sets are unique to themselves, ensuring that you will receive an individual creation.

Choosing dominant wood type is based on the coaster holder. Each coaster holder is either solid oak, maple, walnut or cherry. Coasters will complement and match that holder although every coaster set is unique.

*Note: Pictures show dominant wood type–not necessarily the amount of coasters you will receive. If you choose a set of 6, you will receive a set of 6–likewise for sets of 4.

Product Includes:

➠ Set of coasters

➠ 1 coaster holder

➠ Care card, explaining the wood types, and how to take care of it*

➠ Brochure about the artist

Each wood product varies in wood types slightly; you may not receive the one you see in the picture. Only natural woods are used.

*Coasters are treated with a water resistant finish—it is acceptable to wipe off coasters with water as well as lemon oil for dust. NEVER immerse wooden products in water.

Additional information

Dominant Wood Type

Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Oak, Choose For Me

Size Options

Set of 6: ($52.00), Set of 4: ($44.00)


Coaster: 4” x 4” x ⅜” Holder: 4” x 3 ¼” x 3 ¼”


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